Speciality Pharmaceutical Company

Client situation

The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of a leading specialty pharmaceutical company retained PSS to help evaluate options to launch a soon-to-be approved innovative therapeutic that was first-in-class therapy for a niche indication. The company’s objectives were to leverage the resources of a firm with an established salesforce while minimizing the share of revenue provided to the commercial partner.

Project approach and techniques

  • Reviewed clinical trial results to assess likely label claims upon expected approval
  • Evaluated recently-completed analysis of market opportunity and prescriber profile for niche indication
  • Completed extensive secondary research to characterize the existing salesforce and commercial capabilities of 10+ potential partners
  • Worked with client management to prioritize attractiveness of potential commercial partners
  • Contacted executives with the 4 most attractive potential partners
  • For each of 4 potential commercial partners, evaluated strategic fit and level of interest


The project team worked with client management to:

  • Confirm PSS’ assessment of relative attractiveness/interest
  • Select 2 firms that appeared to have a strong strategic fit and were most interested in further discussions to explore the opportunity
  • Support client management in their efforts to negotiate the terms of a commercial partnership to launch this niche therapeutic

The client successfully negotiated the terms of the commercial partnership that included co-promotion rights for specific categories of potential prescribers. Once the therapeutic was approved by the FDA, the client and the selected commercial partner exceeded NRx and TRx targets for each of the first four quarters following launch.