Speciality Pharmaceutical Company

Client situation

A leading specialty pharmaceutical company retained PSS to help assess what had gone wrong with a recently-completed product launch that did not meet expectations and develop a strategy to “re-launch” the product to recoup as much potential business as possible

Project approach and techniques

  • Discussions with client management
  • Co-Creation Groups
  • Depth interviews with consumers and physicians
  • Discussions with distribution partners, PBMs and managed care executives
  • Analyze Target Product Profiles (TPPs) vs. therapeutic alternatives
  • Assessed reaction to current brand messaging and challenges
  • Synthesize primary and secondary research


The project team summarized the findings of its analyses and worked with senior management to develop a strategy to “relaunch” the product based on …

  • Assessment of future market dynamics and trends affecting demand
  • Refined value proposition and updated product positioning
  • New brand messaging focused on perceived benefits
  • Recommended programs to overcome barriers imposed by managed care, PBMs
  • A detailed implementation plan to guide re-launch

The salesforce was pleasantly surprised by the willingness of many physicians to consider prescribing the product for specific patients. The majority of wholesalers and retail pharmacies agreed to restock the product.