Major Pharmaceutical Company

Client situation

A brand team sought assistance to finalize development plans for next-generation therapies in the face of Loss of Exclusivity (LoE) for a key project and wanted to develop programs to minimize the impact of expected introduction of a generic version of the innovative product

Project approach and techniques

  • Discussions with brand management
  • Depth interviews with target customers and prescribers
  • Discussions with pharmacy benefit managers and managed care executives
  • Analyzed linked data sets from multiple sources


The project team designed program to counteract the expected introduction of a generic competitor and worked with outside counsel to implement selected strategies based on …

  • Product Profiles (TPPs) of current and new therapies
  • Expected future treatment decision tree
  • Discussions with brand teams and senior management

The client successfully launched the follow-on therapeutic that achieved sales that exceeded initial forecast at 6, 12 and 24 months after launch