M & A / Strategic Partnership

Typical Challenges: Organizations frequently seek specialists to leverage cutting edge research methods, rigorousanalytics, and intelligent growth strategies to help achieve M&A and divestment goals.

How We Can Help: Our M & A / Strategic Partnership solutions include:

M&A Opportunity Identification & Evaluation.

We partner with clients to identify the value of potential acquisitions and mergers through our M&A opportunity identification and evaluation services. We carefully evaluate the profitability of specific target companies by leveraging our network of experienced industry experts and a forward-thinking valuation process.

Comprehensive Due Diligence Assessment.

We help financial sponsors and industry participants objectively assess both the “big picture” issues facing the relevant industry sector and the specific acquisition target. We partner with the deal team to gather input from key customers, suppliers, and competitors. Synthesizing this input allows us to quickly assess the whether key assumptions seem reasonable, the overall investment thesis seems sound and if there are unforeseen risks on the horizon.

Strategic Partnership Assessment & Execution.

We leverage our experience to identify and forge strategic partnerships with our strategic partnership assessment and execution services. Whether you have a partnership in mind or want to make plans for the future, we can help you to evaluate the desirability of these partnerships and pinpoint the ones that will most benefit your business. With wide ranging expertise in an array of industries we can help you to successfully negotiate strategic partnerships that will accelerate growth and profitability.

Post-Merger Integration Assistance.

We provide seasoned counsel, operational expertise and project management capabilities to supplement your internal capabilities. We can also assist you in determining what changes need to be made to successfully complete the integration and in strategically implementing those changes. We can help you to set benchmarks for the integration and we address organization design issues. These issues might include retention, training, management review harmonization, and change management programs.