Global Pharmaceutical Company

Client situation

Global pharmaceutical manufacturer was interested in developing innovative launch strategy to leverage their strength in a therapeutic category in which they had a leading franchise for many years. Following the acquisition of a novel therapeutic, they sought outside assistance to help design and implement a launch strategy to address the many generic alternatives available within the therapeutic category

Project approach and techniques

  • Work with management to confirm competitive advantages vs. competition based on novel label
  • Review formulary positions of all therapeutics in class
  • Synthesize assessments completed to support acquisition rationale and additional patient and HCP market research
  • Perform secondary research to quantify segment dynamics
  • Design and execute market research to assess likely reaction to proposed marketing messages for both HCPs and consumers
  • Use quantitative and qualitative research to evaluate alternative sampling/copay card strategies
  • Complete in-person depth interviews with industry participants
  • Synthesize primary and secondary research to make recommendations


The project team recommended that the client structure a regional test to compare the effectiveness of two alternative launch strategies designed to …

  • Compare patient and HCP reaction captured by market research with the “real world” sales performance of each launch strategy
  • Support the calculation of a Return-on-Investment for each of the launch strategies
  • Gain internal consensus as to how the company wishes to pursue national launch for this innovative product

After 5 months of testing, the client decided to proceed with a national rollout of the first launch strategy being tested. The product exceeded its launch goals by 50% and continues to do well