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PSS provides seasoned strategy consulting and advisory services to senior executives across the pharmaceutical & life science, healthcare and information technology & service industries. PSS places particular emphasis on using technology and analytics to implement operational improvements, develop customer/market segmentation systems, and explore strategic transactions.

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Focus on Results

PSS recognizes that successful relationships are strengthened by:

  1. Providing our undivided attention to a few client relationships.
  2. Drawing on extensive industry expertise and network of contacts to provide unparalleled perspective across the healthcare and information technology sectors.
  3. Aligning our interests with clients, including fixed price deliverables and performance-based compensation when appropriate.

Clients Served

PSS works with a select group of clients spanning the pharmaceutical and life sciences, health payors and providers, healthcare IT and service industries, as well as others involved in the healthcare space. We offer four broad functional categories that encompass a full range of services, including:

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